How to Fix Rune Windows 10 Issues and Crashes

Modern Windows features may interfer with Rune and cause the game to perform poorly or crash. If you are experiencing issues playing the game try changing these Windows 10 settings:

  1. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations
  2. Disable Focus Assist
  3. Other Issues

Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

Windows 10 settings may cause crashing when alt-tabbing. Navigate to your Rune/System/ folder and find Rune.exe.

Right-click Rune.exe and select properties. Navigate to the compatibility tab and select "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations".

Disable full screen optimizations.

Disable Focus Assist

Right-click your desktop and open Display Settings. Navigate to the Focus Assist tab and turn off focus assist and automatic rules.

Disable focus assist.

Other Issues

For issues with the game's brightness setting on Windows 10, see: Brightness Setting Issues.