Rune Downloads and Setup

Everything You Need to Play Rune In 2023:

  1. Download Rune
  2. Multiplayer Server List Fix
  3. Updated Graphics Renderers

1. Download Rune

Rune is available for purchase on GOG and Steam. We highly recommend the GOG version because it comes with both Rune Classic and Rune Gold. Rune Classic has many issues and missing content, so it is recommended to use Rune Gold instead. Both Rune Gold and Rune Classic are able to connect to multiplayer servers. If you are looking for alternate versions or patches of the game, please ask in the RUNE Discord.

Rune Classic + Rune Gold (Recommended)
Rune Classic and Rune Gold on GOG
Rune Classic (Only) Rune Classic on Steam

2. Multiplayer Server List Fix

If your game does not load the multiplayer server list (Master Server Failed error), follow the steps below to fix it:

This will directly connect you to a Rune community server and will update your game's masterserver setting if it's using a dead or broken one.

  1. Start the game and open the in-game console. (The key to open console will be either ~, Ö, or ^, depending on your keyboard language.)
  2. Paste the command below for your version of Rune in the in-game console. If you are using Rune Classic the game will relaunch first. Wait until the downloads complete and once you've succesfully joined the server your multiplayer server list should be working again!

Rune Gold:

open rune://

Rune Classic:

relaunch rune:// -VERS=107

For a full guide see: How to Fix the Rune Multiplayer Server List

3. Updated Graphics Renderers (Rune Gold Only)

For Rune Gold, updated graphics renderers are available to fix issues and improve visuals.

Download Updated Renderers for Rune Gold

  1. Download and extract the package.
  2. Paste the files for the renderer you want to use into the game's Rune/System/ folder. To use the recommend Direct3D9 Renderer, copy D3D9Drv.dll and into the Rune/System/ folder.
  3. Launch the game and navigate to Options -> Video. Under the Video Driver section, click on the "Change" button to select the new renderer.
  4. In the Video Configuration window, click the "Show all devices" option to see all renderers available, then select the one you want to use. The most stable and recommended renderer in this package is Direct3D9.

For a full guide see: How to Install Updated Renderers for Rune

Additional Help and Resources:

Table of Rune Versions:

Note: All multiplayer servers are currently using versions 1.07-1.08.

Version Pros Cons
Rune Gold (1.07-1.08)
  • Modern Graphics Renderers Available
  • Community Patches/Fixes Available
  • Most Stable/Bug Free
  • No Steam/GOG Achievements
  • Some Configuration Needed
Rune Classic (1.01, 1.07, 1.10-1.11)
  • Steam/GOG Achievements
  • Requires Minimum Configuration
  • Graphical Bugs and Issues
  • Missing Some Original Singleplayer Content
  • Relaunch Needed to Play on Community Servers
  • Broken Video Brightness Setting
  • Auto-Save Feature Might Soft-Lock Your Game
  • Audio Crash on Some Levels

Other Versions