Frequently Asked Questions

Are people still playing this game?

Yes! There is still an active community of players, multiplayer servers, mappers, and modders.

You can find players online during most evenings at EU and NA times. If you are looking for players to play with, or want to be able to easily see how many are online, join the RUNE Discord.

Where can I get Rune?

Rune can be bought on GOG or Steam. We recommend buying the GOG version, since it includes both Rune Classic and Rune Gold.

What is the best version of Rune to use?

Rune Gold allows for more customization when it comes to things like renderers and has less issues than Classic. Either version will allow you to play the game, including multiplayer.

Read our guide to compare versions and for information on getting a modern and fixed version of Rune.

How can I fix the in-game server list?

If your game does not load the multiplayer server list (Master Server Failed error), see our guide to easily update your masterserver and be able to join multiplayer servers: How to Fix the Rune Multiplayer Server List

The game is crashing or I have unexpected issues. Help?

Follow our guide to make sure you have all the modern fixes. Additional help can be found on the following guides:

If you are still having issues, join the RUNE Discord and someone will most likely be able to assist you in solving your issue.

How can I create custom maps or mods?

Rune includes an editor tool called RuneEd. Detailed tutorials on mapping and modding rune can be found on the RuneEd Tutorials Site.